5 Signs of toxic relationship and ways to fix it

In a healthy relationship, things seem to work, there are bumps in the road but they manage to work it out by discussing things and enjoying each other's company.

Meanwhile, in toxic relationships, it can be harder to see the red flags but if you feel drained or unhappy after spending time with your partner then it could be one of the signs.

Here are some signs you can use to recognize a toxic relationship:

  1. Lack of support : Whenever you try to grow and improve yourself you are met with mockery and disbelief, there is no encouragement or support instead you are met with criticism of past judgments.
  2. Controlling Behavior : Questioning where you are all the time?Or becoming upset if you don't respond to their texts or calls immediately. Jealousy from time to time is normal but if they are unhappy or jealous of your achievements and attempt to control you or your activities, it can be a sign of abuse.
  3. Ignoring your needs : Your feelings and opinions are not heard or acknowledged, instead they will battle with you till they get the last word. You might also go along with whatever your partner wants to do even if you are uncomfortable or it is not convenient for you.
  4. Lost relationships : You are not yourself around them, and have also stopped spending time with your other friends and family members to avoid conflict with your partner or to avoid explaining the dimensions of your relationships. You might also find spending your free time dealing with your partner's issues.
  5. Walking on eggshells : You try to avoid conflict by not expressing your emotions or thoughts, you worry that by bringing up any problem you'll cause extreme stress and tension. Time to time stress is normal for any relationship but being constantly on edge is a sign that something is off.